Napalese Kush

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Napalese Kush also known as "Nepal Kush" is a pure indica strain that is a descendant of the classic Hindu Kush grown in the rugged mountains of Nepal. Napalese Kush is an extremely rare and exotic strain and finding a true purebred specimen is almost unheard of, but if you are able to come across this unicorn of a strain you will be greeted with out of this world flavor and pure indica effects.

Napalese Kush has heart shaped buds that are bright green. It is often just as purple as it is green and has sharp orange pistils and a thick coating of amber trichomes which glues everything together. Napalese Kush has a sweet floral scent that is dominated by the classic kush aroma of herbs and spice. Following its aroma profile, Napalese Kush tastes of a sweet flowers which then turn more musky with notes of herbs, earth with a spicy finish. It has a rich and flavorful smoke.

Napalese Kush has been said to be a strain that sets the standard of what to expect from a strain of the indica family. Fans of Napalese Kush say its effects start with a subtle cerebral bliss that improves their mood, quiets their mind and turns their thoughts to positive ones. In the body, they say Napalese Kush delivers deeply relaxing and calming effects to every muscle in the body. Some note feeling a tingling sensation with heightened physical sensitivity but all note feeling a narcotic -like numbness and sedation.

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What is Napalese Kush?

Napalese Kush is a pure indica strain that hails from Nepal.

Where does Napalese Kush come from?

Napalese Kush is a descendant of Hindu Kush

What does Napalese Kush smell like?

Napalese Kush smells of sweet flowers, herbs and spices.

What does Napalese Kush taste like?

Napalese Kush has a subtle sweet flavor that is overtaken by classic kush flavors of herbs, pinewood and spices.

What color does Napalese Kush have?

Napalese Kush has bright green buds with an equal amount of purple highlights. It has short and sharp orange pistils and golden trichomes.

What effects does Napalese Kush have?

Napalese Kush has been said to set the standard of what to expect from an indica strain. It has deep physically relaxing effects with cerebral bliss and happiness.

Is Napalese Kush an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Napalese Kush is a pure indica strain.