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The indica cannabis strain Hashberry emits a minty and peppery aroma with undertones of berry and a taste that’s similar. It produces thick stems that support dense, heavy, and frosty buds. 

Hashberry’s lineage comes from the indica North Indian.

The THC levels of Hashberry average at 15% with some crops reaching 18%. Though indica, reviewers have mentioned the beginning of this strain’s high is sativa-like, increasing cerebral activity that clears the mind and focuses with a slight boost of creativity. Some enjoy how it alleviates anxiety. However, as these effects die down and the high progresses, a relaxing body sensation takes over that leads to sleepiness. Hashberry may ease mild aches and pains, but isn’t known to help severe or chronic aches/pains.

Paranoia is a known side-effect of this strain if too much is consumed at once.

Growers should keep Hashberry plants in low humidity and water and requires little attention to flower nicely within nine weeks.

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Hashberry - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Hashberry