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The indica cannabis strain named Banana Candy derives its name from its appealing banana-like scent and flavor that’s so sweet it takes like banana taffy with an earthy, piney undertone.

Parent strains are currently debatable.

Average THC levels of Banana Candy vary, but some crops have known to reach heights of 24%. Its high will cause the consumer to enter a deep state of relaxation that transcends into a sedative state, making this strain best consumed at night or in the evenings. Many reviewers have noted this strain will cause arousal and it’s best to be careful on who you’re consuming this strain with. Banana Candy may help with insomnia and anxiety as the stresses of the body and some of the mind dissipate. Bouts of the giggles are common for this strain as well as an increase to want to socialize. Its also been known to help with PMS symptoms as well.

Cottonmouth is to be expected, with paranoia or dizziness a possibility when improperly consumed.

Banana Candy is a hard-to-find strain, being mostly available in Los Angeles (or on the west coast).

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THC: 24%

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