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Purple Cotton is a hybrid cannabis strain named not only because of its colorful and fluffy appearance, but because of its genetics that stem from Purple Kush and Cotton Candy.

Purple Cotton is an indica-dominant strain that produces buds shaped like little Christmas trees, having several shades of violet within them and clusters of yellow pistils. To top off this wonderful appearance, it’s covered in a layer of crystal trichomes that give it a cottony appeal. When you open up a package of Purple Cotton, you’ll immediately smell sweet and fruity, but slightly skunky buds with an undertone of spices beneath it all.

Purple Cotton stands well with its indica reputation, providing consumers a mild couchlock experience, so be sure to try this strain after all the important day’s tasks have been completed. However, many reviewers have noted it can provide a small kick of energy as the high wears down, making this strain a good one to try after work but before dinner and recreation. Consumers say Purple Cotton will also cause hunger, so again, taking this strain before dinner or having some snacks on hand will make your experience much more enjoyable. Its THC range rests between 20 and 23 percent, so users recommend that those who are sensitive to THC will want to stick to smaller doses.

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What is Purple Cotton?

Purple Cotton is an exotic and rare indica dominant hybrid that is known for its undeniable sweet candy like flavor.

Where does Purple Cotton come from?

Purple Cotton is a cross of Purple Kush and Cotton Candy.

What does Purple Cotton smell like?

Purple Cotton smells of sweet fruit and candy. It also has scents of the a kush with a skunk undertone.

What does Purple Cotton taste like?

Purple Cotton tastes like it smells with it being sweet and fruity. Many say they taste berries while others say its more floral so its probably a combination of both. It finishes with a sour skunk aftertaste.

What color does Purple Cotton have?

Purple Cotton has forest green buds that could be described as the highlights to the deep violet color of the buds that overtake the green color. Its pisitls are a pale orange and it has a fine coating of white trichomes.

What effects does Purple Cotton have?

Purple Cotton has been said to have long-lasting effects that provide mild relaxation to both body and mind. This is has been said to be perfect for users that want to unwind but also stay productive. Others mention a pleasant body buzz and a case of munchies approximately an hour after consumption.

Is Purple Cotton an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Purple Cotton is an indica dominant hybrid.