Orange Zkittlez

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A cross between Agent Orange and Zkittlez, Orange Zkittlez emits a citrusy scent that’s true to its name, though it does have undertones of fresh soil or earth. Despite this, its flavor is sweeter than its aroma and often leaves a candy-like aftertaste upon the exhale. Appearance-wise, Orange Zkittlez does tend to look slightly orange from a distance, and this is because of its thick amount of orange pistils winding throughout its green buds.

Those that have tried this strain have reported its ability to help with creative thinking, often leaving users inspired to either pursue a hobby or interact socially while delving into complex or imaginative topics. Occassionally, the mind tends to wander according to some reviewers, so this strain isn’t famous for improving focus or concentration despite its ability to help with imaginative thinking.

Some users have experienced bodily relaxation consuming Orange Zkittlez though it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid.

THC levels often vary depending on cultivation methods, so be sure to check percentages of planning to purchase this citrus strain. CBD levels are usually too low to consider relevant.

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THC: 22.78%
CBD: 0.003%
CBN: 0.00%
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Бета-мирцен: 0.348%
Бета-кариофиллена: 0.230%
Лимонен: 0.073%

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What is Orange Zkittlez?

Orange Zkittlez is a rare strain and an evenly balanced hybrid.

Where does Orange Zkittlez come from?

Orange Zkittlez is a cross of Agent Orange and Zkittlez.

What does Orange Zkittlez smell like?

Orange Zkittlez smells of sweet fruit...specifically oranges. It has notes that are more earthy and sour.

What does Orange Zkittlez taste like?

Orange Zkittlez tastes of sweet and sour fruit. Some compare it to candy with a body of flavor that is more reminiscent of herbs and earth.

What color does Orange Zkittlez have?

Orange Zkittlez has minty green buds that are rounded and clumped together in a beautiful way. It has an abundance of long light orange pistils which give the buds its more yellowish orange highlights. It has a heavy coating of amber-toned trichomes which glues it all together.

What effects does Orange Zkittlez have?

Fans of Orange Zkittlez say that journey starts in the mind with an influx and rush of euphoria and energy. This wave of stimulating bliss continually builds as many have noted feeling like they need to be creative and/or social. As the experience unfolds and the initial onset fades users feel physically relaxed.

Is Orange Zkittlez an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Orange Zkittlez is a balanced hybrid strain.