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The Blueberry Haze cannabis strain hits the head fast like a cerebral shockwave. According to reviewers, the sensation spread to the rest of their body and most experienced a mood-lifting energy that made way for sparks of creativity. Gradually, users say the sensation transitioned into a body-buzz that welcomed relaxation and restfulness.

When you open the packaging of the Blueberry Haze strain, you instantly know that its genetics are tied to the infamous Blueberry lineage. It possesses a blueberry or potent fruity aroma that smacks you in the nose. Herbal and spicy notes intermingle with the fruity smells. The inhale is smooth, but its fruity flavors are most prominent on the exhale. Spice and earth can be found in its aftertaste. You will immediately notice the deep, vibrant green of Blueberry Haze weed when observing its buds. Orange pistils intertwine with its leaves as well as a slight trichome dusting that gives the nugs a frosty glow.

Blueberry Haze genetics stem from crossing the two popular strains Haze and Blueberry. The outcome is Blueberry Haze which, according to users, offers a balanced, sometimes energetic high for all occasions. Blueberry Haze THC percentage levels tend to average in the high teens.

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What is Blueberry Haze?

Blueberry Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid that is loved for its cerebral effects.

Where does Blueberry Haze come from?

Blueberry Haze is a cross of Blueberry and Haze.

What does Blueberry Haze smell like?

Blueberry Haze has a pungent earthy and skunk aroma that has more subtle scents of sweet berries and spice.

What does Blueberry Haze taste like?

Blueberry Haze has a sweet blueberry and fruit flavor that turns more earthy, skunky and spicy on the backend.

What color does Blueberry Haze have?

Blueberry Haze has vibrant green fluffy buds that are chunky. It has neon orange pistils that spread throughout the buds that have a nice coating of white trichomes which add to its density and stickiness.

What effects does Blueberry Haze have?

Consumers have said they love Blueberry Haze for centered feeling it gives them. Many note feeling a calmness in both their body and mind that allows them to think clearly, remain focused and objective while feeling relaxed. Some have noted an improvement in mood while others have said it makes them more creative.

Is Blueberry Haze an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Blueberry Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid.