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About this Hybrid Strain

The Petroleum OG cannabis strain is a balanced hybrid that gives off a delightful scent; one of fruits and citrus but with a bit of diesel thrown in there as well. Its long, cured buds have rust-colored pistils that stand out against its frosty white trichomes.

Petroleum OG effects have been described as happy and trippy, eliminating stress or anxiety. Some consumers have said it helped with stomach issues such as nausea as well as migraines and chronic pain. Others use this strain recreationally to improve overall mood and to allow their body to relax without sedation.

Petroleum OG THC levels tend to fluctuate, so there’s no known average yet. Its lineage is derived from a triple cross between Petrolia Headstash, Tahoe OG Kush and Sour Diesel.


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Questions Fréquentes À propos de Petroleum OG

What is Petroleum OG?

The Petroleum OG strain is a nicely balanced hybrid (sometimes slightly indica-dominant) that reviewers enjoy for its relaxing effects. Some have experienced migraine/headache relief while others report having relief from nausea.

What does Petroleum OG mean?

This strain gets its name from both its lineage (Sour Diesel X Petrolia Headstash X Tahoe OG Kush) and its slightly gas-like scent.

Where does Petroleum OG come from?

Petroleum OG is a combination of Sour Diesel, Petrolia Headstash, and Tahoe OG Kush.

What does Petroleum OG smell like?

This strain smells like diesel, lemons, and citrus or earth.

What does Petroleum OG taste like?

On the exhale, its diesel-like properties become more apparent.

What color does Petroleum OG have?

Petroleum OG produces long, deep green buds with rusty pistils and a light dusting of trichomes.

What effects does Petroleum OG have?

Consumers say that Petroleum OG helps with stomach issues such as nausea as well as migraines and chronic pain. Some have experienced a ‘trippy’, happy high with this strain.

Is Petroleum OG an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Petroleum OG is a balanced hybrid (occasionally having a more pronounced indica-dominance).