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About this Hybrid Strain

With bright orange pistils and long conical cured nuggets, the cannabis strain dubbed Anonymous OG is truly a mystery covered in trichomes. Its origins aren’t entirely known, but this indica-leaning hybrid is believed to be a select cut of 3C Kushishima cultivated by 3C Farms.

The sweet earthen aroma has undertones of citrus and on the exhale, the citrus becomes more distinctive.

Anonymous OG has THC levels that bottom out at 20% with most batches having a higher percentage, possibly making this a potent strain for those sensitive to THC.

Reviewers agree that this strain is one that could lead to sedation, often leaving them sleepy and relaxed from head to toe as the body winds down for a rest. Some have used this strain to help with insomnia or to release the tension from the day.

Genetic Lineage

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Preguntas frecuentes Acerca de Anonymous OG

What is Anonymous OG?

Anonymous OG was first created by 3C Farms and is an indica dominant hybrid.

Where does Anonymous OG come from?

Anonymous OG has an unknown lineage but some speculate it is a cut of the in-house 3C Kushishima strain.

What does Anonymous OG smell like?

Anonymous OG has a pungent dank aroma that has earthy, sweet citrus and herb scents.

What does Anonymous OG taste like?

Anonymous OG like its aroma has a dank taste that can be compared to wet earth. It has earthy and herbal flavors with a sweet aftertaste.

What color does Anonymous OG have?

Anonymous OG has chunky seafoam green buds that clump together and look like a rounded cone. It has vibrant orange pistils and a caking of white trichomes that glue it all together.

What effects does Anonymous OG have?

Anonymous OG has been described as having deeply relaxing effects that can lead to sleep. Fans of Anonymous OG say this relaxation is felt in every muscle and fiber in the body, so much so that over doing it can make you lethargic.

Is Anonymous OG an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Anonymous OG is a heavy indica dominant hybrid.