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Nepal is an exceptional cannabis strain and one of the oldest indica landraces. It offers a unique and captivating experience. The buds of Nepal are medium to large in size and have a dense and compact structure. The nugs feature a vivid combination of vibrant green hues, often complemented by rusty orange pistils. Additionally, the buds are often coated in a generous layer of sparkling white trichomes, giving them a frosty and resinous appearance.

Breaking open a nug of Nepal releases a unique and pungent scent. It has an earthy and woody aroma with spicy undertones. As the buds are further ground, subtle hints of sweetness and herbal notes come out. When it comes to flavor, Nepal delivers a rich and flavorful smoke. The taste includes earthy and herbal flavors, with hints of spice and sweetness. These flavors are said to blend harmoniously, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable taste.

Fans of Nepal have shared it offers more mellow effects that are felt almost immediately. They state feeling instantly positive, energized and creative with a sense of euphoria and improved mood. As these initial effects settle down, the Nepal experience is said to transition into a state of relaxation. The physical effects are often described as buzzing but calming, helping to release mild aches and pain and promote a sense of overall internal calm.

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Frequently Asked Questions 关于 Nepal

What is Nepal?

Nepal is one of the oldest known indica landraces and recognized for its association with the cannabis-growing regions of Nepal in the Himalayas.

Where does Nepal come from?

Nepal is named after its region of origin, Nepal, located in the Himalayan mountains. Cannabis cultivation has a long history in this region, and this landrace strain have been traditionally grown and preserved there.

What does Nepal smell like?

Nepal carries an earthy and spicy scent. It has hints of floral, herbal and fruity notes.

What does Nepal taste like?

Nepal offers a combination of earthy, spicy and herbal flavors. It has detectable undertones of sweetness, citrus and woodiness.

What color does Nepal have?

Nepal buds commonly come in bright shades of green, ranging from lighter greens to darker. The buds are dense and compact, with vibrant orange pistils and a fine coating of white trichomes.

What effects does Nepal have?

Nepal is often associated with a balanced and mellow high. They say it provides a relaxing and calming experience with a sense of tranquility, happiness and mild euphoria. Many feel an increase in their feelings of happiness, more creative and social.

Is Nepal an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Nepal is an indica strain.