Team Hytiva® Baja Mexico Trip

Team Hytiva® took a trip to Ensenada, Baja Mexico to support our driver Wes Miller and his crew for the off-road UTV race in Ensenada, Baja Mexico. The perfect Ensenada weather made for smooth driving conditions, as it was a comfortable 70 degrees when the sun went down.

The Team Hytiva camera crew had a chance to shadow Wes Miller and co-driver Don Powers in the beautiful Baja, Mexico desert. Wes and Donny made the final adjustments to the Team Hytiva Polariz RZR, as they tuned and tested it for the last time before the race.

It not surprising that Wes considers Ensenada as his second home. After all, he has been going down annually for the last 35 years. Team Hytiva met up with him and the crew at his go-to brewery/restaurant, Cerveceria Transpeninsular, where he has been coming since its inception 5 years ago. Team Hytiva and the crew discussed the upcoming game plan for the race as they enjoyed their Mexi-American feast. The table was mixed with American food like wings, as well as some Mexican favorites such as nachos, and of course home brewed cervezas.

The following morning, the crew was up at the crack of dawn to set up the Team Hytiva booth for Contingency Day. As the vehicles are inspected and certified to race, the supporting teams and sponsors have a chance to set up their booths and mingle with the other racers and teams. The Team Hytiva booth saw a steady stream of attention as visitors were able to learn about Hytiva, the worldwide leaders in cannabis information and technology. Additionally, this gave the Team Hytiva crew a chance to hand stickers out to prospective teams. Vehicles bearing the Team Hytiva stickers became eligible to win the $1,000 contingency bonus. Team Hytiva offered this $1,000 cash prize to both the overall winner, as well as the overall UTV winner.

As the race kicked off and Wes had the pedal to the metal, the Team Hytiva crew had a chance to take in the beautiful Mexican landscape at the top of the mountain referred to as, Sierra de San Pedro Martir. The golden-orange Mexican sun was intense atop the mountain, as it reflected magnificently off of the Team Hytiva trucks. The Team Hytiva utility trucks, trailer, and UTV are visually striking in their original splash paint job, truly a sight to behold.

On the return ride home the scene at the border is quite a spectacle. Families, men, and women holding babies are out hustling merchandise. They diligently approach vehicles, offering souvenirs to the tourists as they drive back to the United States.