SmokeBuddy Product Review

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter.


Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter, which claims to reduce 2nd hand smoke, odor, and pollutants while the user enjoys their product.

So, if you want to keep your cannabis consumption discreet because you live in a confined space such as apartments or a dorm, or maybe you just want to be respectful of a roommate or family member by keeping the house smelling fresh, the Smokebuddy would be a product that you can use.

As you can see we have all three sizes of the Smokebuddy here. They all claim to do the same thing which is filter your exhale, but the major difference is going to be convenience. You have the pocket-sized Smokebuddy which is a great size for anyone traveling or trying to keep it hidden away in their pocket or purse without it being too obvious. There’s the original, and then there’s the mega. When you use one of these, you’ll notice you can only blow in so much smoke at a time. So for those of who smoke daily, you may want to use the mega as the filter lasts longer.

Now, let’s take one of these guys out and give it a try. We’re going to test the original Smokebuddy and check out the free keychain that comes with it.

The original and the mega both come with a free Smokebuddy keychain that is a fund toy which lights up and has limbs that move around.

Here is the actual product. It’s very simply and very straight forward. Once you remove the caps –

you can see the filtration system. They use activated carbon which is charcoal infused with oxygen. This type of carbon has a larger surface area so it can absorb more toxins and odor, ultimately allowing the product to last longer.

My immediate reaction is wow – yes – this product does exactly what it says it will do. There’s absolutely no smoke and no smell of cannabis which is perfect for those of us that want to be discreet. I’d have to rate this product a 10 out of 10 for my initial reaction.

Now, if you use the Smokebuddy daily, I’d say this product will last you between one and two months before the filter no longer serves its purpose. It will last much longer for smokers that consume less. It’s priced between 15 and 43 dollars depending on the size you grab.

On the Smokebuddy website they sell not only three different sizes but various colors and designs such as a specialized Las Vegas Smokebuddy, one that’s camouflage, another that’s tie died, and tons more.

Overall, the Smokebuddy really is a great buddy to have around for consumers like you and me for times when we prefer to keep our smoke to ourselves. You can purchase one of these on their website at or visit Amazon where they are also available.