Marketing vs Therapeutic Dose

Dosing CBD, like dosing any prescription drug, varies greatly based on numerous factors.


Since using CBD for therapeutic purposes is so new, it may take some time to accumulate sufficient feedback on optimal dosing. Dosing CBD, like dosing any prescription drug, varies greatly based on numerous factors such as the patient’s weight, the route of administration, how the dosage form is prepared, what ailment or condition is being treated, and more. As researchers in the field review published literature on CBD and create even more clinical trials, we will learn a lot more about specific dosing.

Considering all of this, let’s talk about the current trends in CBD use and the feedback, anecdotal evidence, from many consumers and patients that have tried different CBD products at the different doses currently available. We have found that a minimum useful dose is considered to be 10mg of CBD, and that is 10mg per dose or 10mg per serving. Many CBD manufacturers have excellent products and large followings of raving fans. However, we’ve noticed that other companies make products with very low amounts of CBD, much less than 10mg per dose. The fact is that any product with CBD gets the consumer’s attention, that’s just marketing. But please be aware of the difference between a marketing dose and a true, therapeutic dose. Simply put, a marketing dose allows the manufacture to promote the fact that they have a CBD product. Again, this gets the consumer’s attention. However, dosing the CBD too low may yield little to no benefit at all. This is a problem. Products with a mere marketing dose will cause some consumers to waste their money and may also give CBD, in general, a bad reputation for being ineffective.

A meaningful dose of CBD is enough to actually do something, a dose that will give the patient or consumer the desired effect, a positive impact on the condition or ailment they’re trying to treat. Meaningful doses of CBD, doses that actually work, can also be called therapeutic doses. While published research can be referenced on various topics related to CBD and specific conditions, more research into its clinical use will guide patients and practitioners on the dosing and delivery of CBD.

We recommend that you consider 10mg of CBD to be a minimum target dose. You may start there and slowly work your way up to higher dosages. Choose high quality products that are easily absorbed.