Infused Baked Goods

One of the best smells I can think of is the first inhale you take when entering a bakery.


One of the best smells I can think of is the first inhale you take when entering a bakery. Or perhaps visiting mom when she’s making my favorite cookies. Baked goods are found in every culture, and every culture has their own special recipes for bread, cookies, pastries and pies. In fact, that’s what makes baked goods so incredibly delicious and unique – it’s how they’re crafted, and this goes for cannabis-infused baked goods as well.

When you enter a dispensary, you might be one of those customers that gravitate towards the edible section. This is where you’ll find the infamous infused brownie along with an assortment of other baked edibles like tarts, cookies, muffins and cake. Recently, bakers and manufacturers of these goods havev taken into considerations dietary restrictions. You can find cannabis-infused baked goods that are sugar-free, gluten-free, or low in calories so there are options available for nearly everyone.

No matter what kind of baked edible you decide to try, keep in mind that edible enthusiasts have reported that the effects often endure longer when eating cannabis than smoking or vaping it. Digestion takes longer than absorption, and so effects from the cannabis infusion typically won’t be felt until 20 minutes to an hour later. For some people, it’s even longer than an hour depending on personal body chemistry and how much food has been eaten beforehand. Effects might be more intense than smoking or vaping as well. Always check the THC and CBD levels of your product and stick to the suggested serving size.

When bakers and manufacturers craft baked edibles, the better producers work to ensure the cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from the cannabis plant remain intact as much as possible. Temperatures above 320 degrees Fahrenheit will vaporize them, including THC and CBD, so temps must always remain below 320 when making any infused baked good. This ensures you get as much of the THC and CBD infused within it as possible, creating quality baked goods that can get you high or offer possible symptom relief.