Don't Use Medical Cannabis If...

There are a few instances that we are certain cannabis use should be avoided.


While it’s hard to pinpoint how cannabis can have a negative impact on our health, with so much research being done on its positive effects, there are a few instances that we are certain cannabis use should be avoided.

Cannabis can relax the blood vessels which lowers blood pressure and can cause the heart to pump faster in compensation. This may cause negative effects on anyone dealing with a heart condition. In healthy individuals, this usually isn’t a problem, but medications such as beta blockers may interact with cannabinoids in the body undesirably, so until more studies are done exploring these interactions, it’s important to consult a health professional before using cannabis if you are treating anything related to the heart.

If you’re prone to anxiety attacks or paranoia, know that cannabis can sometimes worsen these symptoms. Higher doses of THC, especially when not balanced with CBD, can cause the sensation of being high to become overwhelming and cause anxiety. However, lower doses of THC, combined with a bit of CBD, have been shown to reduce anxiety or paranoia, so experiment using the plant in low doses at first to see if it helps or hinders ridding of these symptoms. Unfortunately, it’s suggested you stay away from cannabis if you knowingly have a predisposition of developing any psychosis.

It’s been found that cannabis can sometimes lead to an increase in developing psychosis in those that have a predisposition for it. This has been found to be especially true for those who begin consuming cannabis at a young age when the brain is still developing. Besides those taking cannabis for chronic symptoms such as seizures, cannabis should be avoided by the young – especially since the plant may also hinder proper bone development which is an essential component of growth through puberty.

Those taking beta blockers, sedatives, anti-depressants, and antipsychotic medications should be extremely cautious when trying cannabis. It can intensify the effects of such prescriptions and lead to adverse events. Any usage should be monitored with the use low doses at first if trying to supplement or replace such medications. However, we strongly advise discussing cannabis use with a medical professional if you are already using medications such as these.