Charlotte's Web Cannabis Oil

It’s the strain that’s in high demand for parents treating their children’s seizures.


Charlotte’s Web - it’s the strain that’s in high demand for parents treating their children’s seizures. The strain gets its name not from the children’s book, but from a little girl that showed the world CBD, or cannabidiol oil, can change a child’s quality of life dramatically.

Charlotte Figi began suffering from Dravet syndrome at only three months old. By the time she was five, her condition had become so severe her parents had signed a do-not-resuscitate order because she was living miserably, having up to 300 seizures a week, and becoming cognitively disconnected with the world. She was wheelchair-bound, couldn’t talk, and was unable to swallow – no medication provided any improvement to her health. It had reached the point her parents were willing to try anything, and that’s when they discovered testimonials about CBD oil.

Charlotte went from 300 seizures a week to having zero in seven days once beginning her first trial with CBD oil. Unfortunately, obtaining it wasn’t so easy.

That’s when Charlotte’s parents soon discovered the Stanley Brothers, cannabis growers based in Colorado and founding members of the Realm of Caring Foundation which supplies medical cannabis to those who can’t afford it. They decided to cross a breed of cannabis with hemp so that it would have high concentrations of cannabidiol and low traces of tetrahydrocannabinol – meaning it contains more of the healing agent CBD and far less of the psychotropic agent THC.

The result was a strain they named Charlotte’s Web, in honor of the little girl that’s now living a normal life and experiencing only a few seizures a year now. With the help of the Stanley brothers mass producing it, her medication is readily available and worry of shortages is no longer an issue. The Stanley brothers guarantee their Charlotte’s Web oil has a thirty-to-one ratio of CBD to THC, making it safe as far as we know, for children to consume, without producing any of the high that cannabis is known for.

It’s a developing treatment that still needs more clinical studies, but shows vast potential in its therapeutic capabilities.

Currently, the Stanley brothers are experiencing such high demand for Charlotte’s Web that people from all over the country and even outside the country are asking about their product. They can’t grow Charlotte’s Web fast enough as thousands are searching for a safe treatment that will keep their or their children’s ailments under control.

Besides helping to reduce the frequency of seizures, CBD oil has also been known to prevent nausea, assist in reducing the side-effects of drug withdrawal, aid in helping those with neuropsychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, and anxiety - and has been used to treat chronic pain while inducing relaxation throughout the body.

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