5 Ways to Deal with a High

Surpassing our tolerance level when it comes to cannabis is an accident every consumer experiences.


Surpassing our tolerance level when it comes to cannabis is an accident every consumer experiences, and today we’re going to highlight some sensations you might feel, as well as how to properly handle them when you think you’ve smoked or eaten too much for your body to handle.

Keep in mind that anxiety, paranoia, increased heart rate, slight dizziness, and short-term memory impairment are all completely normal side-effects of cannabis. Once your high dissipates within one to three hours, you’ll feel completely normal again.

The first step towards regaining control of your mind and body is to relax. Don’t panic. Sit down in a comfortable environment free of distraction and remind yourself that it’s impossible to overdose on cannabis - and that the high will go away soon. Repeat it as a mantra if it helps you calm down.

Once you’ve regained control of your thoughts, ensure you stay hydrated with water. Cannabis tends to dry out our mucus membranes which can leave us feeling uncomfortable and add to the adverse effects of a high.

You can then turn your focus to one of these activities which can help reduce the overwhelming sensations you’re feeling. The key is to stay distracted.

  1. Find a physical activity. If you have workout equipment, put them to use in a short workout session. If you have a flight of stairs, focus on going up and down them 10 to 20 times. Not only will engaging in physical activity help your body metabolize the cannabinoids in your system, it will keep the mind busy on the activity. Vinyasa yoga is a great way to reduce the anxiety or paranoia you might be feeling by keeping your mind focused on the movements between poses.
  2. Engage in a hobby. Many strains of cannabis, particularly hybrids and sativas, will often improve creativity and imaginative thinking. Whatever personal project you’re currently involved with – be it music, art, writing, or even cultivating your spirituality – allow your mind to be completely submerged in it. You might have an epiphany, or discover something completely remarkable about your hidden talents. 
  3. Free write or color in a mandala coloring book. Keeping your hand busy is a therapeutic way to ease yourself out of any irrational feelings that tend to accompany a high bringing on paranoia or anxiety. When you free write, you empty your mind of all those bumbled thoughts and you can begin to see on paper what it is you’re stressed over. Coloring offers you the chance to focus on adding beauty to a piece of art rather than focusing on your high.
  4. Immerse yourself in a video game, movie, book, or audible. This is where technology can then become your best friend. The key to maintaining your calm during an intense high is distraction, and by engaging in fictitious worlds and stories, the mind can drift away from this reality until you’re feeling better.
  5. Take some CBD. Granted, you’d have to have some readily available, but keeping a small bottle of CBD tincture or a CBD strain can be beneficial by counteracting the effects of THC. It’s an anxiety reducer and body relaxer, and studies are finding that strains containing both cannabinoids tend to have less of a psychotropic effect.

While there are certainly things you can do to make it seem as if your high is less intense, such as the ones I’ve mentioned here, keep in mind that there’s no immediate cure for calming a high. Your body must metabolize the cannabinoids that react with your brain and body before their effects can wear off, and this process takes time. Rest assured that the high will come down, and you’ll be feeling yourself again within one to three hours depending on how much you’ve taken and whether it was by inhalation or ingestion. A high will last longer if ingested and feel more intense, so remain patient if you’ve surpassed your tolerance level with an edible.