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About this Indica Strain

Also known as Herojuana, the indica cannabis strain Herijuana bares a spicy aroma that tastes earthy. Its buds are light green in color with burnt orange pistils.

The lineage is a slight mystery, though one parent of Herijuana is for sure. It stems from a Humboldt County strain named Petrolia Headstash which is of Afghani ancestry. The other parent is believed to be a Kentucky landrace hybrid named Killer New Haven.

THC levels of Herijuana are high, averaging at 18% and reaching highs of 25%. Many describe its high as meditative and thought-provoking. It can help eliminate stress and relieve tension throughout the body. Some reviewers have stated this strain will turn both the mind and body into “jelly”. This strain is best consumed at night, since it can bring about a couch-lock to some.

Besides the normal dry mouth and eyes, negative side-effects include dizziness, headaches, and paranoia. The high THC content may induce these side-effects in both novice and veteran consumers alike, depending on how much is consumed in one sitting.

Herijuana is quite resistant to molds and fungal diseases as well as fluctuating temperature, making this a decent strain for beginner cultivators.