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Animal House is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain known for its uplifting effects. It is a cross of Animal Face and Kush Mints and is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts seeking a fun and boosting high. The buds of Animal House are medium to large in size, dense, and frosty. The buds are shades of forest-green and can have dashes of purple and orange. It has a sparce amount of orange pistils but is caked in white resin trichomes.

Animal House has a scent that is a blend of earthy, sour, and skunky notes with hints of sweetness and a touch of spice. Its aroma is stinky and pungent in the best kind of way. The flavor is similar but more toned down, and is described as a fusion of sweet and citrus flavors, with undertones of earthiness and a slight hint of herbs. Its aftertaste is said to be a little sour and spicy.

Animal House is known for its uplifting effects. Consumers report a buzzing cerebral high that improves any mood, making people want to be more social, and awakens the creative mind. The effects are described as energizing and euphoric, with many saying they have uncontrollable bouts of laughter. Animal House seems to provide a sense of enjoyment to whatever you are doing and is a strain that can be enjoyed at anytime during the day or evening.

Лабораторные данные

Лабораторные данные каннабиноидов
Каннабиноиды Количество
THC: 24.137%
THC-A: 26.877%
Лабораторные данные терпенов
Терпен Количество
Бета-кариофиллен: 0.874%
Лимонен: 0.619%
Бета-мирцен: 0.365%

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Часто задаваемые вопросы около Animal House

What is Animal House?

Animal House is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain known for its effects uplifting effects.

Where does Animal House come from?

Animal House is a cross of Animal Face and Kush Mints.

What does Animal House smell like?

Animal House carries a strong and pungent aroma that often exudes a combination of earthy, skunky, and herbal scents. It also has undertones of pine, citrus, and sweetness.

What does Animal House taste like?

Animal House has a flavor described as earthy, woody, with hints of spice.

What color does Animal House have?

Animal House buds are shades of forest-green, ranging from light to dark, with a sparce amount of orange pistils and a thick frosting of white trichomes.

What effects does Animal House have?

Animal House has uplifting effects that provide a euphoric rush of energy and bliss. Many report feeling an increase in happiness that awakens their desire to be social and tackle creative endeavors.