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Afgooey (not to be mistaken for Afghooey) is an indica cannabis strain that produces dense, lumpy buds that are light chartreuse in color with light amber pistils and a sprinkling of crystal trichomes. Its scent and taste are of wildflowers and pine, with undertones of freshly churned soil.

THC levels of this strain can vary, so checking potency before purchasing or consuming is suggested. Its high will help the mind and especially body relax, uplifting the spirits and improving mood as a sense of euphoric overtakes the mind. As the high wears on, a deep body stone will sedate or couch-lock, so consuming before bed is best. Reviewers note this strain works well alleviating insomnia.

Beyond dry mouth and eyes, Afgooey may cause paranoia, headache, or dizziness when consumed in higher doses.

Growers should know that Afgooey is best grown in Mediterranean outdoor climates.

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Parent strains of Afghooey are a mix between the landrace indica Afghani and hybrid Maui Haze.

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Afgooey - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Afgooey
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Indica Afghani
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