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THC: 21-24% CBD: <1% Nighttime

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Tokyo OG is an indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain with roots from Northern California (as opposed to what its name might imply). Its flavor and odor are reminiscent of diesel, with lemony-pine undertones. When ready for harvest, its buds are shaped like mini Christmas trees.

THC levels range between 21-24% with Tokyo OG. Its effects are known to relax the body, mind, and soul as some would describe it. A warming, sometimes tingling sensation will spread throughout the body, often causing couch-lock to set in. This strain is ideal for consuming before bed, as the mind will slowly drift into a mellow state and eventually into sleep.

Negative side-effects are rarely reported with Tokyo OG, however, it can cause slight anxiousness when consuming above tolerance levels. Dry eyes are normal.

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THC: 21-24%
CBD: <1%


Tokyo OG is a phenotype of the infamous OG Kush and first blossomed in Northern California (not Tokyo!).


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