Lemon Head

THC: 23.0938% CBD: 0.0383% Daytime

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Lemonhead is a marvelous sativa dominant hybrid strain. This cannabis strain contains high amounts of THC and offers users a clean lemon / citrus flavor. A cut of Kush from the notorious Royal Choice Farms, it offers a sense of euphoria that surges through your cerebrum and a feeling of focus accompanied by a growing sense of creativity and energy.​

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Dados laboratoriais

Dados laboratoriais de canabinóides
Canabinoide Quantidades
THC: 23.0938%
Δ9-THC: 0.7240%
CBD: 0.0383%
THC-A: 25.5072%
CBD-A: 0.0437%
CBG: 0.1323%
CBG-A: 1.0589%
Dados laboratoriais de terpenos
Terpeno Quantidades
Terpinoleno: 0.7517%
Beta-cariofileno: 0.3916%
Beta-mirceno: 0.2116%
Alfa-humuleno: 0.0829%
Limoneno: 0.0704%
Alfa-pineno: 0.0459%
Linalol: 0.0217%


Lemon Head - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Lemon Head