Desert Star


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Desert Star is a well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain that emits a sweet earthen scent with a pleasant taste to match. Its buds sparkle with crystalized trichomes that live up to its name’s reputation.

THC levels vary with Desert Star, however, its high is known to create a tingling sensation throughoutthe body, helping it relax and eases the stresses of the day away. Aches and pains will dissipate andmood will improve. For some, energy increases making tasks easier to accomplish by day. As the highwears down, a deep stone will cause the consumer to feel sleepy and ready for a good night’s sleep or anap.

Negative side-effects are rarely reported with this strain, however, note that most strains may causeeither anxiety or paranoia when consuming above tolerance levels.

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Desert Star’s genetics are currently being debated. This strain is “Chong Certified” and exclusively sold at
Encanto Green Cross.


Hybrid Desert Star