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THC: 18.82& CBD: 0.03% Nighttime

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A speculated love child between Chem Dogg and Moby Dick, the strain Chem Dogg x Moby is a sativa-leaning hybrid known for its cerebral effects and gassy terp profile. This pungent and gassy strain is sweet and skunky with notes of pine and cedar. Smoking or vaping this strain will produce smooth and earthy smoke that is kushy and sweet. This may be attributed to the terpenes Beta Myrcene and Alpha Pinene that display at higher levels in this cultivar.

The Chem Dogg x Moby experience has been described as euphoric and spacy, with many sharing that this strain can help stimulate hunger and ease negative thoughts and emotions. Light sleepiness washed over many when over-consumed, but those who were able to find their perfect dose mentioned Chem Dogg x Moby to be a highly therapeutic addition to their stressful days. THC levels averages in the high teens and a well-cultivated batch will produce small green and gold buds coated in crystal trichomes and light tan hairs.

Dados laboratoriais

Dados laboratoriais de canabinóides
Canabinoide Quantidades
THC: 18.82&
Δ9-THC: 0.303%
CBD: 0.03%
THC-A: 0.211%
CBG: 0.434%
CBG-A: 0.434%
Dados laboratoriais de terpenos
Terpeno Quantidades
Beta-mirceno: 0.531%
Alfa-pineno: 0.272%

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Perguntas frequentes Sobre Chem Dogg x Moby

What is Chem Dogg x Moby?

Chem Dogg x Moby is a sativa-leaning hybrid known for is creative and euphoric high.

Where does Chem Dogg x Moby come from?

Chem Dogg x Moby might be bred by crossing Chem Dogg with Moby Dick.

What does Chem Dogg x Moby smell like?

The aroma of Chem Dogg x Moby is gassy and sweet with notes of pine and skunk.

What Chem Dogg x Moby taste like?

Chem Dogg x Moby flavor is kushy and smooth with notes of earth and pine.

What color does Chem Dogg x Moby have?

The buds of Chem Dogg x Moby are green and gold.

What effects does Chem Dogg x Moby have?

Users have noted Chem Dogg x Moby's effects are euphoric and creative followed by a light sleepiness.

Is an Chem Dogg x Moby Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Chem Dogg x Moby is a sativa-leaning hybrid cannabis strain.