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About this Sativa Strain

The award-winning sativa cannabis strain named Vortex grabbed the High Times Best Sativa in 2010 and ranked in the High Times “Top 10” in 2007. Its sweet and sour lemony aroma has traces of mango and tastes quite tropical. 

The parent strains are both hybrids – Apollo 13 and Space Queen. These two strains were first crossed by TGA Genetics.

Vortex’s THC content averages at 16% and reaches levels of 20% in some crops. Its been described as warping the sense of the consumer, being extremely cerebral/psychoactive and inducing a lovely feeling of euphoria. Vortex will energize for most, with some reviewers claiming it actually drags them into a vortex of which there’s no escape. Expect stresses and negative thoughts to melt away from both the body and mind. For some, focus is increased. 

Negative side effects include anxiousness and dizziness if too much is consumed. 

Growers will find that Vortex does best indoors and has a flowering time of eight weeks. Some cultivators suggest securing each plant with stakes and/or strings to ensure they grow steadily upright. 

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Sativa Vortex
Apollo 13 - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Apollo 13