Green Goblin

THC: 18-24% CBD: 0.8% Daytime

About this Sativa Strain

Green Goblin is a sativa cannabis strain that may very well be a renaming of the Green Crack strain. Or it may be a very specific phenotype of Green Crack. Regardless, Green Goblin is a great daytime strain, providing uplifting energy along with mind and body relaxation. 

Socializing comes easily with Green Goblin along with a good chuckle. Green Goblin is often recommended for treating stress, pain, lack of appetite, nausea, depression. 

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Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 18-24%
CBD: 0.8%
CBG-A: 1.4%


Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin
Sativa Thai
Thai Origin
Skunk #1 - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Skunk #1