THC: 10%-12% CBD: 3%-6% Nighttime

About this Indica Strain

The indica cannabis strain Haoma smells of floral teas and fruit, with a taste that reminiscent of earth and wood. Its buds are pepper-shaped and a deep olive in color, often displaying a dense covering of trichomes.

Haoma is the daughter of crossing the hybrid Mendocino Purps and the indica Afghani. It was bred to combine a moderate THC level with a higher-than-average CBD level.

THC levels of this strain often fall between the range of 10%-12%, with CBD levels of 3%-6%. This makes its high wonderful in relieving muscle spasms, aches and pains throughout the body, and can also rid of anxiety. Its high has been described as sedating, creating a feeling of stupor. It’s often used in concentrates and for medical purposes.

Not many have reported negative side-effects when consuming this strain besides the usual cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Haoma is a good strain for beginners to grow, being able to grow indoors and outdoors with the average flowering time of seven to eight weeks. 


Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 10%-12%
CBD: 3%-6%


Indica Haoma
Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin