Green Poison

THC: 15-20% CBD: 1% Nighttime

About this Indica Strain

The indica cannabis strain dubbed Green Poison is nothing like a poison in the least. The only thing this poison will kill is a bad attitude and lack of appetite. Its harvest-ready buds are a vivid green with a thick layer of trichomes that make it look quite potent. Its scent and flavor are reminiscent of sweet flowers and skunk, like walking into a garden accented with pine trees.

THC levels of Green Poison often fall between 15-20%, while CBD levels rest at 1%. Its high is known to relax both the body and mind, allowing a deep sense of calm to settle over the consumer simultaneously increasing hunger and lifting the spirits. Note that Green Poison has a tendency to sedate, so consuming closer towards bedtime is recommended until tolerance levels are known.

Negative side-effects of Green Poison include cottonmouth, dry eyes, dizziness, headache, and occasionally paranoia when consuming above tolerance levels.

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Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 15-20%
CBD: 1%


Green Poison first blossomed under the care of Sweet Seeds. Genetics of this strain remain shrouded in mystery due to breeder secrecy.