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About this Hybrid Strain

Not to be confused with the like-named Girl Scout Wookies, the Wookie Cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Big Buddy Lavender and the potent Appalachia strain.

The sweet mint and fresh herb flavor of this strain is accompanied by an aroma that is quite similar, with undertones of dank earth and spices.

A well-cultivated and cured batch of Wookie is mint green and fluffy and covered in a plethora of glistening amber trichomes with long orange pistils.

Fans of Wookie have shared that they've enjoyed its long-lasting effects and reported feeling a strong sense of ease, followed by a rush of euphoria that left them happy and eventually sedated. Some consumers share that they have used Wookie for its potential to help with symptoms of depression, insomnia, stress, chronic pain and loss of appetite.

The Wookie strain THC levels can vary, so check your batch's potency before fashioning a serving for yourself.


Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 23.85%
CBG-A: 0.87%
Terpene Lab Data
Terpene Amount
Bèta-mycreen: 0.338%
Bèta-caryofylleen: 0.285%
Linalool: 0.163%


Wookie - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Wookie
Hybrid Appalachia
Lavender - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Lavender
Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin
Hawaiian - Sativa Cannabis Strain
Sativa Hawaiian
Super Skunk - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Super Skunk
Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin

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What is Wookie?

The wookie, not to be confused with WookiesIs an Indica dominate Hybrid cannabis strain.

Where does Wookie come from?

The Wookie strain genetics comes from Crossing Lavender and Appalachia

What does Wookie taste like?

This strain tastes like Mint and fresh herbs.

What does Wookie smell like?

It has fresh earthen aroma, with a spicy undertone

What color does Wookie have?

The buds of Wookie are a mint green and covered in crystal trichomes that give it a fluffy appearance

What effects does Wookie have?

Users of this strain have said they felt a sense of calm as the body melts into a euphoric state. Sedation may follow as the body is relaxed.

Is Wookie an indica, sativa or hybrid?
The Wookie strain is a Indica dominate Hybrid.