Snow Leopard


Taste & Smell


Goed in combinatie met

About this Hybrid Strain

The small but potent buds of Snow Leopard are colored with mossy greens and vivid burnt orange pistils. Each cured nugget bears a healthy coating of trichomes that lighten its tones. Scent and flavor of Snow Leopard are a combination of tropical fruit mixed with pine, earth, and kush.

THC levels tend to vary dramatically and have reached up to 30%. However, the average tends to stand at around 21%. Some reviewers note that the effects of consuming this strains are perfect for creative expression because it enhanced their motivation and an expansion of consciousness. Some have reported a bit of spaciness or introspective thoughts, while others enjoy Snow Leopard’s potential to creating a warm body buzz that relaxes the muscles.


The lineage of Snow Leopard remains shrouded in mystery. Some speculate it’s a cross between Tigermelon and Snow Lotus, though others believe it’s a four-way cross between other strains.


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