Purple Monkey

ТГК: 22.03% КБД: 0.05% Күндіз

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Индика сұрыпы туралы

Bred by Las Vegas-based Green and Gold Supply, the indica Purple Monkey is a cannabis strain that’s been reported by many reviewers to be remarkably uplifting. Fans of this strain have said they enjoy using it for social occasions as conversations tend to become more interesting and innovative.

Some have used Purple Monkey because of its sedating qualities while others enjoy it to simply unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. It’s been reported as a strain that brings calm to both mind and body while allowing inspiration to bubble up in the back of the mind.

THC levels of Purple Monkey average in the low 20’s while CBD levels have been found to reach around .06%.

The scent of Purple Monkey is similar to a fruit bowl, with hints of fresh earth and herbs and a taste that’s similar.

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Каннабиноид Мөлшер
THC: 22.03%
CBD: 0.05%
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Альфа-пинен: 0.0274%
Бета-мирцен: 0.0243%
Бета-кариофиллена: 0.0174%

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What is Purple Monkey?

Purple Monkey is an Indica strain that is known to provide an uplifting and euphoric experience.

Where does Purple Monkey come from?

Current the lineage of Purple Monkey is unknown.

What does Purple Monkey smell like?

Purple Monkeys' aroma is fruity and earthy combined with a herbal essence.

What does Purple Monkey taste like?

The flavor of Purple Monkey is sweet and fruity with an overtone of fresh soil and herbs.

What color does Purple Monkey have?

The buds of Purple Monkey have hues of purple and green and coated sugary trichomes and dark amber hairs.

What effects does Purple Monkey have?

Many have shared Purple Monkeys' effects to be euphoric and relaxing, leaving many in a calm and happy state.

Is Purple Monkey an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Purple Monkey is an Indica cannabis strain.