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The strain Extreme Cream receives its name from its parent strains, which are a cross between Extreme OG and Cookies and Cream.

Many consumers have reported enjoying this strain for its potential to lift their mood, especially when they’ve been feeling down from a stressful day. Some have enjoyed conversations and deep thinking after trying Extreme Cream, explaining that their thoughts seemed clearer and their social anxiety faded.

While the mind might feel energized, reviewers also note that the body might feel so relaxed it could lead to couch-lock.

Extreme Cream gives off a strong earthy aroma with hints of something creamy or buttery lingering just beneath. Its cured buds are dense and a bit long, having burnt orange pistils and deep forest greens covered in a white layer of trichomes.

Limonene is a terpene found in Extreme Cream, which may contribute to its mood-enhancing effects. Caryophyllene, which has been found to interact with CB2 receptors, is also present. This may be a contributing factor to the Strain’s reputed ability to help some consumers physically relax.

Зертханалық мәліметтер

Каннабиноидтың зертханалық мәліметтері
Каннабиноид Мөлшер
THC: 22.858%
Терпеннің зертханалық мәліметтері
Терпен Мөлшер
Бета-кариофиллена: 0.428%
Лимонен: 0.409%

Genetic Шежіре

GSC - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid GSC
OG Kush - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid OG Kush
African Origin
Hytiva Cannabis Strain Placeholder
Hybrid Extreme OG
Fire OG - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Fire OG
OG Kush - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid OG Kush
SFV OG - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid SFV OG

Жиі Қойылатын Сұрақтар туралы Extreme Cream

What is Extreme Cream?

Extreme Cream is an indica-dominant hybrid and is a powerhouse strain full of flavor and powerful effects.

Where does Extreme Cream come from?

Extreme Cream is a cross of Extreme OG and Cookies & Cream.

What does Extreme Cream smell like?

Extreme Cream has a musky aroma that is a little bit sour with notes of sweet creamy fruit.

What does Extreme Cream taste like?

Extreme Cream tastes like its smell. It is sweet and creamy like a fresh baked cookie at first but develops into a more earth and nutty sour skunky.

What color does Extreme Cream have?

Extreme Cream has dense rounded buds that are a deep forest green. It has short stubby bright orange pistils that cover the bud in its entirety. It has a nice layer of white trichomes which glue the buds together.

What effects does Extreme Cream have?

Consumers of Extreme Cream love it for its dynamic flavor and mood enhancing effects. They say that if you're feeling a bit down that Extreme Cream is the perfect strain that will lift you right back up while relaxing any tension you might have.

Is Extreme Cream an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Extreme Cream is an indica-dominant hybrid.