Holy Grail

THC: 20.3028% CBD: <0.03% Daytime

Über diese Hybrid-Stamm

Holy Grail. As it's name hints at the well-balanced euphoria it provides.

Reviewers agree that this strain is a good one to try when graduating from less potent strains and trying a stronger one for the first time. The effects of Holy Grail can be felt quickly, one hit of it leading to a slight onset of energy that invokes creativity and focuses the mind. However, the energetic high doesn’t last long as the body then begins to relax, allowing aches and minor pain to subside as muscles and joints lose any tension built up inside them. Because of Holy Grail’s indica background, it can lead to drowsiness, so consuming this strain in the late afternoon and evening is suggested. But because of its sativa background, expect movies, video games, conversations with friends, and any form of entertainment to be enhanced and truly enjoyed. Consumers have recommended Holy Grail to those looking for a strain to help with their insomnia, stress, and even nausea.

The unpleasant side-effects of Holy Grail are average for a cannabis strain, usually only being either dry mouth or eyes, however some have reported slight dizziness or paranoia when consuming above their tolerance level. Holy Grail’s average THC count is around 20 percent, give or take depending on the cultivation techniques used to grow it. When opening up your package of Holy Grail, you’ll notice large, dense buds shaped like spades that are both light green and brown, having a very slight blue hue to them. It smells like diesel, but has lime and pine undertones if you inhale deeply. The taste is even more like lime, so smoking or vaping it is smooth and not overly harsh.


Cannabinoid Menge
THC: 20.3028%
Δ9-THC: 0.1714%
CBD: <0.03%
THC-A: 22.9548%
CBG: 0.0850%
CBG-A: 0.3699%
Terpene Menge
Limonen: 0.2085%
Beta-Caryophyllen: 0.1832%
Alpha-Pinen: 0.0626%
Alpha-Humulen: 0.0597%
Beta-Myrzene: 0.0518%
Linalool: 0.0305%


Holy Grail - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Holy Grail